Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University is one of Germany’s leading universities, offering international academic programmes with close ties to industry and commerce. On our campus we have around 5400 students spread across five different Schools: Applied Chemistry, Engineering, ESB Business School, Informatics, and Textiles & Design.

The university offers 39 degree programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, in which we train the top executives of the future. At the same time it is very important to us to support our students’ personal development and to ensure that they become specialists and managers for whom social responsibility is second nature.

Education and training don’t stop after your first degree but continue throughout your lifetime. Only continuous education and training cam smooth your path to a successful career, keep employees’ knowledge up-to-date, and ensure that companies remain competitive. Reutlingen University’s continuing education unit, the Knowledge Foundation, transmits current knowledge from research and practice at the highest level.


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