The programme

The programme

The Doctor of Business Administration is a part-time doctorate for working professionals. It is a four-year programme that takes a minimum of three years to complete. The DBA comprises three taught weeks in year one and supervised research thereafter. Four topical units are spread over the three one-week blocks in the first year – one week each in November, February and Mai. The topics covered are:

  • Professional Review and Development.
  • Advanced Research Techniques.
  • Publication and Dissemination.
  • Research Proposal Development.

Year two marks the beginning of your research unit (Professional Research and Development). This will involve a supervisor from Portsmouth Business School and a supervisor from ESB Business School. Together with the DBA Director they will ensure that timely progress is being made in the research, resulting in appropriate completion.

Together, the academic staff of Portsmouth Business School and ESB Business School can offer supervision in a wide range of research areas. These include: strategy, leadership, marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, risk management, information systems, human resource management, organisational studies, economics and business law.


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